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What are Man and Van Services?


     This service is designed to assist you with small, quick relocations in London and the surrounding areas. A man with a van is usually accompanied by one or two professional movers. It can be used for houses up to two bedrooms. Our house moving service is best suited for larger properties and greater distances.

Why choose our man and van moving services?

     Our fully restored vehicle fleet is available to meet your needs This product is suitable for small, partial, single-item, and same-day removals The price for the service includes moving insurance To make your booking process faster and more efficient, take our free online survey You can get additional discounts when you use our cleaning or storage services How is Everything Organized? Man and van services in London First, decide what you want to move. Then contact us. Call us, or fill out the Wilson London Removals online form. We will arrange for a site survey, either in person or online, if necessary. We will give you a quote based on your requirements. This is the place to ask any questions you may have and to discuss additional services. You will work together with your coordinator to set a move date. On moving day, our team will be at your home to load and transport all your belongings. They will pack your belongings if it is part of your order. We will load the boxes and transport them inside your new house once we arrive. If you have booked this service in advance, we can unpack them. The Top Removals Man and Van Service: What You Need To Know Our teams are well-versed in London thanks to their years of experience and many Man and Van jobs. All booked services will be delivered promptly and in a timely manner.

Smart Removals

Wilson London Removals can either dispose of or recycle your packing materials after the move. We have all the required certificates. It is considered a long distance removal if the time taken to complete a job, including driving it, exceeds 12 hours. We may recommend to the customer that the activities be divided over several days, offer more manpower to load/unload quicker or to work overtime to complete the relocation in a matter of days. You must give us access to your old and new places in order to allow the man with a van to get to work. We can help you deal with parking taxes. We will be in touch with you before your move.

removals london tips


1. 1. Even if you are only going for a short distance it can be dangerous for your pets to ride in the back seat of a moving vehicle. Arrange a pet sitter to pick up your belongings after they arrive at your new place. It is safer to take your pet in your car. You can monitor them all the time. A few companies are licensed only for pet transport.

    2. Can only move my large wardrobe? The man and van service can be used for those who need to move a single piece of furniture, or students moving out of their dormitory without having to transport a large wardrobe. Our movers have extensive experience in moving musical instruments. We can safely wrap and transport your drum set or piano. These cases are for specialists who have the necessary skills to transport your items anywhere in the British capital. There may be an additional charge.

    3. What is the estimated cost of the man and van service? All the charges for loading, transporting and unloading as well as additional costs (packing, dismantling and cleaning, etc.) will be included in the final price. services you’ve booked. The cost includes parking fees, toll taxes, and moving insurance. Moving tips for man and van 1. How do I make furniture disassemble faster? Find your furniture manuals. The user’s manual is essential for more unique or expensive pieces. It will save you time and reduce stress. You can make a mental note of each manual and put it in a ziplock bag. Once the furniture is unloaded, you can collect them all in a binder.

2.1.  You might consider renting a storage unit If you are looking to move quickly but have not yet secured your new home, hiring a unit can be a good idea. Wilson London Removals offers transport to and from the London storage. This way, you won’t have the hassle of having to extend your lease and risk losing money. Before you book the Man and Van, talk to your moving coordinator about this possibility.

  2. Organize your boxes, belongings Start with the items you don’t use often and work your way up to your daily essentials. Your removals company should be informed if you have valuable or antique items. You can pack and transport these items correctly in order to protect them. Wilson Removals London offers exceptional rubbish disposal for items that you don’t need or want, such as old furniture and electronics.

 3. Professionals can do the lifting and loading. The best thing about Man and Van is that you don’t have the responsibility of carrying your boxes. Don’t try to load or lift in the van yourself. You need to know how to arrange the crates. If you don’t have the right gear, you could injure your self. You can label the boxes. Label the boxes with “Fragile” signs. The boxes weighing more than 20 kg should be marked with the “Heavy” sign. Wilson Removals London created the Ultimate House Moving Guide that you can use to plan, organize and manage your home move. We will answer all your questions and provide valuable tips and insight.