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Survey of office buildings free of charge We prefer to send a professional inspector to the office address in order for our commercial clients to receive a detailed price quote. They will conduct a thorough inspection of the commercial building, and inspect any items that need to be moved. We will use this information to give you a price estimate. If we feel that our offer is reasonable, we will move on to the next steps in the office removals process.

Vehicles and equipment for professionals Removals

    It is more difficult to complete an office move for a large company than it is to relocate domestic clients. This service is more complex than relocating domestic clients. We have all the resources you need. The tail lifts on our Transit and Luton vans allow the movers to load heavy office equipment with great efficiency. We also use them for piano Removals. You will be able to complete the job in a short time. After office moves, business storage Transporting large quantities of commercial goods is necessary for moving an entire office. These items will be delivered to their new addresses within a few days of the relocation. We have a storage unit where these goods can be stored until then. They will be kept in wooden crates and monitored by CCTV cameras 24 hours a day.

Best Removals Team

   A team of movers can load your office equipment and transport it to the address you specify. We have worked in many industries We can move offices within London and the UK, but we also have other options for commercial businesses. Our commercial removals service has been used by local libraries with great success. We have also worked with foodservice and warehouses. Some of our domestic services have been used by many retailers as well. Contact us to help you with moving out cleaning and other services such as gardening, handymen, pest control, and more. Moving your office is a new start for your business.

Questions frequently asked about office removals

How do you transport IT waste to a recycle centre?

   This option is not available as an additional service to our office removals services. We can still perform the office removals if we have already arranged for IT disposal with another company. 

Do you Supply packing materials ?

   All packing materials will be provided by the movers if you have ordered a packing service through us. If you prefer to do the packing by yourself, we will only schedule a delivery service for the packing materials and you will take care of the rest.

Do You Provide Storage Facilities?

   You can request storage services with us. The professional movers will load your office items into a van and transport them to the storage facility. They will allow them to stay there for at most one week. If you are unable to use the equipment for several months, long-term storage may be an option. 

Can you transport any office equipment during the service? 

   We load and move anything that isn’t too heavy for the movers. Some office items, such as photocopiers and printers that weigh more than 200kg, might prove too heavy for the movers. They will not risk injury by lifting heavy objects if they make this decision. You will need to contact the manufacturer to request an after-sales technician to disassemble the equipment in smaller pieces so that it can be moved. We do not transport any machinery that must be disassembled before transport.