Packing and tips


There are countless things you need to think about when moving home so making sure everything runs smoothly on the day of your move is of paramount importance. This means everything needs to be planned extremely well so you know exactly what needs to be where and when.
Below are some tips you can follow when moving that make your transition from one home to the next that little bit more organized.

Organize Your Packing

This means making sure all your packing is done in a prioritized way. For example you should make sure you pack all items that you will need straight away in the same boxes and mark these with high priority. Then gather all the items you will need fairly soon after moving but not immediately and mark these in boxes with medium priority. Then finally any items you won’t require any time soon such as holiday clothing or Christmas decorations should be packed together and then you can unpack them last and need not be in too big a rush to unpack them.

When Moving Home Make Sure You Have Everything You Need

This is fairly simple as all you have to do is go round every room in your house and write an inventory of everything you will be taking and what room it is from and where it will be going. This way you can be sure you will pack everything you need plus you will be able to pack the things in boxes with items from the same room. You may not be taking everything from your old home with you so make sure you make the list as accurate as possible and check everything off as you pack it.

Choosing Your Removals Firm

It is always a wise idea to choose a company that has a good reputation and the right experience behind them, before carrying out the work for you.

Materials Needed for Packing

Not only will you need the obvious cardboard boxes and newspaper it would be wise to think of something like bubble wrap for those more delicate items. You would also be best buying some strong tape instead of regular sticky tape this is so you can stick the boxes together securely and also wrap any delicate items securely.
Once all you’re packing is complete and you have a removals firm booked all that’s left to do is make sure everything gets put in the right place when you get to your new home.

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